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  • Spring Cleaning your Business

    Spring Cleaning your Business

    Have you ever thought about spring cleaning your business? Here are a few tips to consider to help you become more efficient and more profitable. 1. Clean up your business plan Dust off your business plan and make sure it's a working document from year to year. Are you accomplishing

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  • Arizona Diamondbacks Event

    Arizona Diamondbacks Event

    Christian Business Networking has been working with the Arizona Diamondbacks for two great upcoming events. You can attend the Major League Mixer to catch a game and network with businesses from other networking organizations or go to Faith & Family Night to catch a game seated with Christian Business Networking

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  • Is a networking group right for you?

    Is a networking group right for you?

    Do you ever wonder; what types of businesses and people join networking groups? Why do they join? Does it work? First off, if you’re wondering if your type of profession is a fit for Christian Business Networking the odds are pretty good the answer is yes but feel free to

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  • Meet a member…

    Meet a member…

    Deborah Burns, affectionately known as Debbie, serves our Lord as owner of The Medical Transcription Service.  She has been a member of Christian Business Networking since 2005. Recently, she took time to sit down and answer questions about herself and Christian Business Networking. Debbie was born in Willimantic, CT but

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  • Should I Join CBN?

    Should I Join CBN?

    WHY JOIN? WHAT DO I GET IF I JOIN? • A network of Christian Business Ambassadors for your company. • Christian Business Networking’s Ambassador Training Series which will train you to become more effective and efficient in your business networking- both within the chapter and during your daily business activities.

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