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Simplified Accounting, LLC
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Chandler, AZ 85246
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At Simplified Accounting we provide accounting services to businesses and individuals in need of managing their accounting, bookkeeping and taxes. We provide a solution without having someone onsite, reducing office space & the costs of maintaining an employee. We are available to assist with all your Accounting, Payroll, Sales Tax, and Financial Reviews. All of our services are offered remotely or at your place of business and meetings can be set up virtually so we can go over your needs when it fits into your schedule. Let us be your accounting solution! •Business Services •Accounting, Bookkeeping, Payroll, Tax, Training, and Services Available •Individual Services •Daily Money Managing, Budgeting, Tax Returns & Quarterly Payments

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Crystal Smith
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I have been in the financial world since 2001, first in banking, and then in accounting roles in various industries. I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy at Arizona State University, Go DEVILS! I have experience providing consulting services working with many clients on a regular basis and enjoy being able to provide a high level of service to my clients. I have accounting experience in the Construction, Manufacturing, Insurance, and Retail industries. I have a passion for helping businesses & individuals meet their financial goals, making sure their data is organized, and providing a level of service to my clients that cannot justify the large expense of someone full-time or even part-time. I love cleaning up financials so that my clients don’t have to!