Why are the meetings weekly/bi-monthly?
The goal is for this to be your weekly/bi-weekly sales meeting. If you look at successful companies, their sales teams have a weekly meeting to keep focused on their goals and how to promote their company.   We hope to create a similar sales force for companies in Christian Business Networking.

Does it work?
Members report that 27% of their new business comes from Christian Business Networking.

How long are the meetings?
Meetings are 75 minutes in length. We recommend allowing 90 minutes in your schedule for pre- and post-meeting networking.

Can I order food at the meeting?
This depends on the location. Many chapters meet at restaurants where you can order food, however, some meet in a conference or meeting room and do not have food service.

Why do you have chapters with one person per profession?
Christian Business Networking was created to complement Church business groups that allow overlap of professional categories at their meetings. Limiting the chapter to one person per profession enables members to align their companies for cross-promotion.

Can two people share a category?
If they work for the same company, then two people may share a category. That way they will be promoting the same company, products & services, etc. We frequently have married couples who choose to join together and rotate attending.