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Move over Hallmark and FTD, hello Prayer Packages! CBN member, Tiffany Black has a developed a new concept to send personalized Christian gifts at times you would typically send flowers. Here is our interview to learn about Prayer Packages, the company, and Tiffany Black, the person:

Birthplace Visalia, California
How long have you lived here? 8 years

Please tell us about your church and where you serve.
I was baptized in 2011 at Christ's Church of the Valley, and currently attend the Avondale campus. Serving in the CLICK (special needs) ministry.

Every family is different, please tell us about yours...
Married to the man who brought me to Christ, Daniel Black. We have one wiener dog’s loyalty, named Ali, and a cat’s sass, named Jade.

What are your hobbies or interests?
Exercise, football, thrift shopping (especially with my mom), and fun adventurous times (like trying new restaurants or traveling to new places)

Do you have a bucket list? If so, what are some of your items?
Don't have a bucket list because I already consider myself among the richest woman in the world - filled with His love

What drew you to your profession?
Our story begins in 2013. At the time I had three co-workers lose loved ones in a matter of days. Two were wonderful people, a man and a woman, who’d unexpectedly lost parents, but neither of them believers. I remember asking the woman if there was anything I could do for her, and the woman shocked me in her response by saying "yes, can you pray for me?" Now I know my prayers would be heard and answered but also felt that I wanted to do more and sending funeral flowers just didn’t seem to fulfill that hole I felt in my heart. I remember grabbing my bible, which had way too much dust on it might I embarrassingly add, and I opened it wide. The pages of the NIV Life Application Study Bible flopped perfectly open to Mark 5. "THE TOUCH OF JESUS – Some reached out to him; he reached out to them all. Regardless of how great or unknown, rich or poor, young or old, sinner or saint – Jesus cares equally for all. No person is beyond the loving touch of Jesus."

My next steps were down to the Christian store to buy a Christian inspired sympathy card that wasn’t too invasive or "in your face" for a non-believer along with something for them to touch and hold onto, which was a pocket token and pocket cross. It wasn’t immediate but when the time was right both the man and woman expressed how much these simple tokens and gestures meant to them. They had kept them in their purse, or simply clutch onto them when that empty hole started to gape. It was in these moments that God affirmed our actions and pointed us down the path of making Prayer Packages the God loving and encouraging ministry it is today.

Tell us about your company...
Prayer Packages mission is to deliver keepsake gifts and services that encourage and celebrate family and friends. Each of our packages are uniquely and thoughtfully designed with "I Am" messaging, as though God were speaking directly to the recipient, making our greeting cards and keepsakes emanate with God’s love.

What is your ideal client?
1 - Christian Business to assist with their "corporate gifting" needs
2 - Churches & Non-Profits to assist with fundraising for their ministry needs
3 - Christian Consumers to celebrate and encourage those they care about

How has God used you in your industry?
God has used me to bring non-believers to Christ, bring tears of joy and prayer to those facing some of life's most difficult challenges, and He's continuing to guide my steps to create the latest e-commerce alternative to shopping traditional Christian gift stores.

How can someone contact your business?
Phone 800.937.4220

How many years have you been in CBN?
In my second year.

Of which CBN chapter are you a member? Peoria, AZ

Why did you join CBN?
I initially joined because there couldn't be a better business networking opportunity for Prayer Packages.

Knowing your time is valuable, why spend 90 minutes a week with CBN?
Each week, 90 minutes, for 52 weeks is a mere 78 hours a year. Spending less than two weeks (of a typical 40 hour work week schedule) building ambassadors for our small business is invaluable.

How has CBN membership benefited you personally, professionally, and/or spiritually? Personally - I've found great joy in meeting other like-minded Christian business owners to fellowship with.
Spiritually - Taking a moment each week to spiritually ground my thoughts professionally has created a healthy habit for my business practices and personal growth.
Professionally - The monetary investment certainly paid for itself.

What would you say to someone who is considering attending a CBN chapter or event?
Don't miss the opportunity to check out CBN. It's obviously not a fit for everyone, but I'm confident it won't be a wasted 90 minutes.

Any additional comments you'd like to share?
God blessed us with your ministry in our very first year of business, and we're sincerely grateful for all CBN has done for us!

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